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Wind Farm

EMPower began development in Ireland in 2018 with the goal of providing low carbon, ecologically non-invasive, affordable energy to facilitate Ireland’s expanding economy and sustainable energy targets.​

This website is intended to provide up to date information to the local community and as such, all project design and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) details will be published here for general viewing.

As part of our community consultation campaign, project design webinars are hosted in order to engage with residents local to the area we are proposing our project as well as any interested stakeholders. 

You can re-watch previous Project Design Webinars by clicking on the below tabs. 

In order to help interested stakeholder better understand the Coumnagappul Project, the project design team have compiled an Online Project Information Exhibition which includes representations of how the proposed project will look if built out. Further project elements such as the proposed project's Grid Connection and Turbine Delivery Route as well as potential Community Benefit and environmental studies are discussed in detail. 

Please click on the below ''Coumnagappul Project Consultation Exhibition'' tab to view this interactive exhibition. 

The Coumnagappul project design team facilitated the second Coumnagappul project in-person information evening in the Sliabh gCua Community Centre, Touraneena on the 12/10/2022 between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. Members of the project design team were on hand to discuss the proposed Coumnagappul wind farm project and its associated design process. Please find project material discussed on the evening by clicking on the below tab.



EMPower is an Irish based international wind and solar energy developer with over 700 MW in development in Europe and Africa. Our senior management team has a combined 95 years' experience delivering projects from conception to operation across five continents.

EMPower is a private limited company and is owned by GGE Ireland Limited, Wind Power Invest A/S and EMP Holdings Limited.​​

Our vision is to provide low carbon, ecologically non-invasive, affordable energy to facilitate Ireland’s expanding economy and sustainable energy targets. We are in the pre-feasibility and public consultation stage of development at the Coumnagappul Wind Farm.  

95 Years

5 Continents

700 MW

Combined Experience of Management Team
Geographical Experience
Capacity Under Development


€4.9 million Community Fund
Enough Clean Power for 38,957 Irish Homes
€88 million Investment in Irish Renewable Energy
€26.5 million in Corporate Tax
€21 Million in
County Council Rates
138 Direct 
Jobs Created 

Coumnagappul wind farm will require a €88 million investment and will provide sustainable low carbon infrastructure to meet Ireland's growing energy demand. The development benefits to the local community include significant investment in local infrastructure such as roads and electrical systems, local job creation, and a contribution of €21 million in county council rates over the project lifetime. Coumnagappul Wind Farm will also provide a community fund calculated in accordance with the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) terms and conditions at €2 per MWh of electricity produced by the project. This is to be made available to the local community for the duration of the RESS (15 years). The average capacity factor of wind energy projects in Ireland is 28.3% (SEAI, 2019). Using this efficiency figure as an example and a capacity of 66 MW, the community benefit fund would amount to an average of €327,239 per annum. The actual fund will vary around the average from year to year, depending on wind conditions. Onsite wind measurements suggest that Coumnagappul could be capable of achieving an above average capacity factor, and therefore a larger community fund.

As well as these direct financial benefits, Coumnagappul wind farm will provide local employment opportunities. According to SEAI's "A Macroeconomic Analysis of Onshore Wind Deployment to 2020" direct jobs are created per MW of installed wind capacity. Given a capacity of 66 MW, Coumnagappul Wind Farm could create 112 direct construction jobs, as well as 26 operations and maintenance jobs which would endure throughout the project's lifetime.

The proposed development area of Coumnagappul Wind Farm is located 16 km North of Dungarvan and 4km North of Kilbrien Village in County Waterford. The site was identified in the Waterford County Development Plan as a preferred area for wind development. EMPower propose an eleven turbine wind farm, at overall heights of 185 meters. This wind farm is estimated to generate enough clean, indigenous electricity to power over 38,957 Irish homes.

The Coumnagappul Wind Farm draft layout currently includes sections of Coillte property in its proposal in addition to other third party lands.  If you have any Coillte related queries about the proposal, please contact

The Coumnagappul Project Design Team will host the proposed project's third Community Consultation Webinar on Wednesday the 05/10/2022. Please click on the Tab below to registar for this event.

CM 3a.jpg
Coumnagappul - Design Iteration 3.JPG
Design Iteration 3 - Ootober 2022.png




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